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Raven Nevermore, Volume 3: Survival

Raven Nevermore, Volume 3: Survival

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Corvan Moore dives deep into his subconscious in order to become a silent observer to his grandfather’s deeply concealed memories. Finally, the truth about the mischievous Gaian Spirit, Raven Nevermore, becomes clear to him… and armed with the truth, Corvan must overcome death itself in order to save all the souls in Cog Town.

The otherworldly persistence of Corvan Moore has brought him back to Cog Town–and just in time! He must gather his allies together if there’s any hope of preventing a cataclysmic war from leaving Cog Town nothing but ashes, rubble, and corpses. Corvan’s whole life led up… The Night of the Morrigan!

The metropolis of Cog has become a battlefield. Werewolves, zombies, as The Morrigan–a looming three-faced goddess of death and battle–prepares for materialization on the physical plane. Corvan must gather his allies for this final stand. Sacrifices must be made. The ultimate plan must come together if there’s any chance to save everyone in Cog Town and beyond!

NOTE: This series is intended for Mature Audiences

ARTIST: Emmanuel Xerx Javier
COLORIST: Hector Rubilar
TRADE COVER: Guy-Pascal Vallez

Pages: 92 | Color
Collects issues #7-9

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